Why Workfront

The Workfront platform transforms your enterprise—optimizing, connecting, and adapting the way you work so you can accelerate your success.

Teams Need A Better Way to Work

The Problem

Work has changed, but your tools haven’t caught up. Phone calls, emails, status meetings, and conventional project management tools have become part of the problem they were meant to solve.


The Result

Your work is siloed and you spend too much time managing disjointed tools and teams. The result? Slipping deadlines. Exhausted employees. Running from crisis to crisis. You know teams need to collaborate on complex challenges, but you don’t know how to make it happen.


The Solution

You need a way for your team to operate across departments and focus on the right tasks—a scalable way to connect people and work.

The Solution

Smart, Connected, and Agile

Our modern work management platform combines work, collaboration, and digital content in a smart, easy-to-use solution where it can be analyzed, optimized, and automated.

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Centralize Your Projects

Managing your work in a single location gives you the visibility you need to make smarter decisions and prioritize the right work.

Manage Digital Work Process

Manage Digital Work Process

Standardize and automate forms, tasks, and workflows so your team can work with increased speed and predictability.

Review and Approve Work

Review and Approve Work

Use automated review and approval processes to manage revisions, prevent costly mistakes, and keep everyone on the same page.

Deliver Client-Facing Services

Deliver Client-Facing Services

Managing work in a single system allows you to optimize team efficiency and deliver the right work the first time.

Govern Compliance Workflows

Govern Compliance Workflows

Establish governance and mitigate risk by standardizing processes and creating workflow templates with built-in compliance steps.

Your Operational System of Record

When all the information about your work is in one place, you have an operational system of record. A single source of truth that gives you—and your team—more accountability, better engagement, and raw speed.

Your Modern Work Management Platform

The way you work is changing. To keep up, you need a work management platform that gives your team everything they need to be more productive, in one location—a smarter, more connected platform where your strategy, resources, and work align.

Workfront Customers Achieve More

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Workfront allows us to focus on strategy, creativity, and innovation vs. day-to-day tasks that used to consume so much time. Employees appreciate our team because, through Workfront, we make it easier for them to be super productive.

Mary Ann Erickson
Operational Excellence Expert and Solutions Provider, Allianz Partners

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