Walking on the needle-thin line between supply and demand can be quite daunting when the economy fluctuates. However, with the right marketing team creating the right demand for your produce, that’s one worry off your shoulders.


What's keeping you up at night?

Proving ROI of your marketing

You’re marketing your company in any which way possible. But, do you know what works for you and what doesn’t? And do you also know just how effectively each marketing tactic is working out?


Targeting audience beyond boundaries

Why limit confine yourself to business only within boundaries? Having a strong online presence will help you meet requirements of clients nationally and internationally, and capture a bigger market share.

Disconnected Teams

Planning budgets

It can be quite exhaustive to plan budgets when you cannot estimate the rate of returns. Plotting a roadmap, to meet your company milestones can be a very difficult task if the right strategy and analysis is not in place.

Proving Your Team’s Value


More and more companies in the manufacturing and distributor space are building up their websites and traffic — the marketplace is quickly getting crowded, so marketing is now more important than ever.

Easily Prioritize Projects

Inbound Marketing Solutions

Make your clients come to you rather than having your sales team chase them. This way, HDT creates the provision for you to attract the most genuine leads by putting you in front of prospects actively looking to make a purchase.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Lead Nurturing

Through the process of lead nurturing we engage our target customers by providing relevant information at each different stage of the buyer’s journey. Through targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization, we enable prospects to become paying customers.

Streamline with Automation

Client acquisition and retention

In today’s scenario that customers who have a pleasant experience on digital forums, social media are likely to be converted. At HDT through digital marketing we not only acquire and retain, but also optimize the process.

Track Success Metrics

Trade shows

Right from designing your kiosk to setting the experience, we ace it all. The most common objective for us through tradeshow marketing campaigns is direct sales, along with improving brand awareness and boost website traffic, post-event.

Build Credibility

Printed & Digital Collateral

Ensuring the perfect balance between printed and digital collaterals is key to successful marketing. At HDT, we ensure that you have the right collaterals to aid your sales process at every level.

Exceed Expectations

Video Marketing

Through the mass appeal a video garners, it instantly cuts down the need for images, verbal explanation and mental visualizations. At HDT, our favorite way to help you articulate your sales process effectively is through video.

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