The accelerated pace of technology is bringing about a lot of innovation. But innovative products and services are at the peak of their value when they are new and each of these products come with a life-span. To ensure highest returns, HDT’s proven-over-time methods can help you make the most.

What's keeping you up at night?

Capturing Market Share

You will need to acquire clients from their comfort zone, competing with the rest of the world, and this can be a quite daunting thought. This is why, it is important that we focus on reminding and educating your target audience why it is that you are different and what it is that you do better constantly, and HDT’s objective is just that.


Preparing the market

Defining and solving a problem for your target audience they don’t even know they face can be a herculean challenge. This is where having the right marketing, content and visual strategy can play a critical role in helping you establish trust.

Disconnected Teams

Short Sales Cycles

Whereas most businesses consider 12 to 24-month sales cycles to be typical or even accelerated, in the software business, many software products are obsolete even at the low-end of this range. HDT’s understanding of this has helped in devising a faster closing strategy and conversion time.

Proving Your Team’s Value


Maximize marketing impact by making data driven decisions around strategic branding, optimizing marketing spend, and personalizing consumer messages.

Streamline Your Work Management

Go-to-market Strategy

Taking your product to the market needs constant analysis and study of user behavior before and even after completion of sale. At HDT, we constantly evolve our strategies to comply with the ever-advancing expectations of the trending consumer market with intricate attention to detail.

Get Real-Time Insights

User Journey and Sales Funnel Building

If you haven’t realized already, at HDT, we love mapping out user behavior and strategically handholding your target audience all the way till the closing of the sale. This process is most essential to extract the highest ROI from all your marketing expenses and efforts.

Easily Prioritize Projects

Workflow Automation

At HDT, we generate leads, nurture them and guide them through the sales funnel and deliver to you the most genuine ones. With the automation of marketing workflows, our predictive algorithms strategically nurture leads with right levels of interaction based on the stage of the sales funnel they are in, making handling volumes easier.

Automate Your Processes

ROI Driven Advertising

Every marketer will talk about property portals, social media platforms, etc. We’ve been there, done that - we know what works and what doesn’t and today, we go beyond these basics to excel at getting you better quality leads at a lower cost.

Collaborate with Clients

Influencer Marketing

Getting trusted faces in the field and industry to speak about your product is guaranteed to give you an immediate boost in sales. HDT promises to connect your brand and value proposition with the right influencers for the job.

Protect Your Profit Margins

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is constantly at risk, and the Internet makes this a bigger challenge than in the past. Your online image affects sales and customer confidence in more ways than you can count. HDT’s proven track record of increasing organic sales speaks for itself.

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