We know that for a great majority of business and leisure customers, their selection process happens online. At HDT, we focus on the lifecycle a customer goes through and use a combination of world-class management tools and sound marketing practices to influence consumers at all stages of their journey.


What's keeping you up at night?

Sales not at Full-potential

Your infrastructure can support a lot more productivity and sales, however, something seems to be limiting you from reaching there. At HDT, we are specialists at finding and fixing these loopholes with real-time assessments. As a team of Analysts, Creatives and Digital Marketers, we assess, re-assess every play until we get it right.


Exploring Online Revenue Options

Even if your business functions offline, consumers are now socially driven, which makes online presence unquestionably important. With the introduction of various third-party online marketplaces, associations of these sort have the ability to contribute to a major share of your revenue along with HDT’s other tried and tested processes.

Disconnected Teams

Overcoming the Seasonal Nature

While many accept this as a trend, at HDT we have devised solutions to overcome the off-peak seasons and even days. Working with a team that constantly analyses trends for you will set you apart from competitors that complain that the market is down.

Proving Your Team’s Value


Get Real-Time Insights

Online Sales Generation

Even the most successful restaurant businesses have potential to increase sales. With the stellar advancement of technology, HDT leverages the most modern tools and strategies to generate sales from online sources taking advantage of the fact that most customers look through options online first.

Prioritize Requests

Customer Loyalty Program

Focusing on your existing customers is a great first place to start increasing your sales, and a loyalty program can help you do just that. HDT’s track record shows that members of a restaurant loyalty program spend 19% more on average when redeeming their reward, and their frequency of visiting your restaurant increases 75% between their first and tenth reward redemption.

Increase Collaboration

Launches and Events

Creating a happening vibe invites attention. HDT’s perfect combination of Digital and Print Media to jumpstart the excitement about events and launch of your venture is key to keeping the graph high right from the first day. Now, bring in influencers into the mix, and you’re on an unstoppable road to word-of-mouth marketing.

Streamline Proofing

Corporate Marketing

Corporate accounts are great because there is usually one person you deal with, they often bring large numbers and they are looking for ease of booking and a great experience for their customers, so for a little work you can significantly increase your revenue and profit.

Automate Approvals

Reputation Management

Your restaurants online reputation is constantly at risk, and the Internet makes this a bigger challenge than in the past. Your online image affects sales in your restaurant in more ways than you can count. HDT’s proven track record of increasing organic sales speaks for itself.

See Everything in One Place

Branding and Experience Design

Your sales, profitability, margins, everything is depended on how well you present yourself. Only setting expectations isn’t important. With HDT’s uber creative and functional Branding and Experience Design, you can meet expectations too. Show your customers a good time, and keep them coming back for more.

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